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Resin Pigments




These universal epoxy pigments can be used to tint resin river tables and clear castings or add strong, vibrant, opaque colour to resin for projects including resin flow art, counter-tops, decorative flooring, wood inlays, castings and more.

A translucent colour tint can be achieved by adding just a drop or two into your resin mix. For solid colours, simply add more pigment until the desired opacity is achieved. See the table below for a guide to pigment levels for different colours.

Our pigments are one of the most concentrated resin pigments you can buy and the advanced liquid formula ensures that these intense pigments disperse in seconds.

For solid colours, up to 5kg (5 litres) of epoxy resin can be coloured using a single 20ml bottle of pigment. For a translucent colour tint, much less pigment is required. A single 20ml bottle is enough to produce a see-through colour tint in more than 50kgs of resin!

The exact amount of pigment needed will vary depending on the colour and intensity required but will typically be between 0.2 and 1% depending on the colour

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg

Ash Grey, Cosmic Purple, Fuschia Pink, Indigo Blue, Jet Black, Leaf Green, Topa Green, Chocolate Brown, Silver, Gold, Copper, White, Red, Yellow


20ml (for up to 5kg of resin), 200ml (for up to 50kg of resin)

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