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Office Flooring

Design a productive and motivating working environment for you and your team with high-quality office flooring. Flormac has a range of high-quality office flooring options that are guaranteed to complement your workspace. Our experts recommend either decorative flooring or flow applied epoxy flooring for office businesses across the UK, due to their slip-resistant properties being well suited and an advantage to this particular sector.

In an office environment, we know how essential it is that your office flooring is durable to prevent wear from constant daily use, however, you’ll also want your office flooring to look good and suit the style of your office. Our flooring options are available in a wide range of colour combinations and with different attributes, to suit your various styling requirements. Our team have an extensive amount of knowledge and expertise in the office flooring industry, you can be assured of a professional and efficient project with our services.

Decorative Flooring

One of the key benefits of using decorative flooring for offices is its overall style and presentation as well as durability. By choosing one of our decorative flooring solutions, you are opting for a flat and functional surface, with the option of adding an element of colour to suit your office environment.

Find out more about Decorative Flooring here.

Wide Colour Range Available

Slip Resistant Surface

Hard Wearing Substance

Flow Applied Epoxy Flooring

Available in various different colours, this flooring option is great for offices due to its ability to support heavy foot traffic, whilst providing an attractive finish. It also has the benefit of being extremely easy to keep clean.

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